Corporate Bootcamp

We in this division specialize in working with corporations that are looking to hire veterans as a part of their business. We have designed a program that will give you more than just a check mark for a quota but a valued employee who will use their skills to push your business towards the direction you want. Hiring a Veteran should be a win-win situation, for both the business and the Veteran. Our goal is to open new lenses for you to see the benefits of your veteran force and help apply their skills to your vision.

Culture is the key to success in this competitive workplace. Employee engagement has been an issue in the global workplace for a very long time.  We identify the strengthens in your team leaders and the strengths in your employees and build organizational structures and alignments that will immediately affect your bottom line. To get the most out of your employees you need to prioritize engagement.

We will compile all the data we receive into easy to read reports and create an actionable plan. Here are just a few things we are doing to help managers and team leaders promote a company culture that is inspiring.  

  • Understand how to use their team’s data for better engagement
  • Be able to measure the accountability and create follow through on the engagement plan
  • Lead more meaningful conversations
  • Implement the 12 elements of engagement into the company culture in a positive impactful approach
  • A One-On-One Engagement discussion guide
  • Team meeting activities
  • Conversation starter topics

We help everyone adopt a new mindset, some of the most impactful transitions are from reviews to conversations, paycheck to purpose, boss to coach, weakness to strength.

If your organization is ready for a culture boost, our trained professionals are here to implement proven systems and methodologies that will refocus and realign your organizational culture. 

Your donation to our Corporate Bootcamp program is tax deductible and will not only impact your Veterans, but all Veterans who are a member of our community. 

Here are some statistics from Gallup to consider when thinking of your investment into your culture. Employee turn overs shrank from 42% to 1%, companies increased profits between 14%-29%, an increase in sales were measured between 10%-19%, customer engagement increased between 3%-7%, employee engagement increased 7%-23%, performance 8%-18%, and attrition lowered between 20%-73%.

Invest in your workforce and culture and put these statistics to work for you today!

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