Business Builder Program

Your experience and education in the military has provided you with many unique qualities. Ones that are essential in the business world but many business owners lack! You accomplished and overcame a great many things during your military service, but starting a new business can be a daunting and complicated undertaking. When you have a wonderful idea, don’t put it on the back burner because you do not know how to start your own business. We can help you transform your business idea into a business reality with our business builder program. At VBBP we have created a proven system that will assist you in launching your own business while avoiding some of the most common start-up mistakes. Let us give you the tactical advantage that other start-ups lack. Our online program includes 60 online lessons and 12 modules that translate your military experience into modern business applications. Go through our list of questions to ask experts and learn about invaluable business resources, many of which are specific to veterans! By the end of our program you will know and understand your top five personal strengths and how to use them to reach your fullest potential in your private and business life.

We provide you with a business plan, a 5-page website, custom branding package and all of the resources you require that other programs will not offer. Complete our course at your own pace, but not alone! You will have a team dedicated to your mission, and peer to peer support in the various Team Rooms. How long it takes you to complete the program will be dictated by your level of dedication as well as the nature of your business. Let us assist you in creating your business legacy. Together we can launch your business. Here are a few of the advantages you will receive using our online program:

  • Branding Package
  • Business Plan
  • Questions to Ask the Professionals
  • Proven Business Methodologies
  • Relevant Resources Related to Building Your Business
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