COO Program

Business is being executed much differently today due to technology. The way that you should be doing business has changed and simplified through effective systemization. There are proven systems in place now that can maximize profits. When you use the services we provide, we can reorganize your operations quickly. Let us remove mundane and admin tasks, create more efficient ways to propel your business forward and identify the natural strengths of your employees so they work better for you. Stop spending your time working IN your company and start working ON your company using an “S1 Shop in a box”; our virtual COO. We have exactly what your business needs to navigate today’s technology and ever-changing landscape at any size and scale.

We have an entire division that has been built on the principle of implementing effective technology. We are the experts ready to help business owners gain control of their internal operations by implementing processes and systems that use technology to perform the mundane and admin tasks that only eat up valuable time. Get the transparency and clarity you want and what each of your employees does daily. By removing these mundane tasks you also create better job satisfaction for your employees which will immediately impact your bottom line. A virtual COO for your business will design as well as implement business processes, promote company vision and culture, establish policies and oversee operations. Take all of this a step further and combine all of this data in a manner that can be tracked so you know what your staff and VBBP is doing using analytics that are easy to read. The areas in which we focus include:

Rediscover Employees

  • Collect & Review Original Resumes
  • Collect Current Daily Duties
  • Review Efficiencies
  • Identify All Passion Points
  • Identify Any Challenges
  • In a Perfect World Confidential Exercise
  • Strength Finder Assessments

Employee Relaunch

  • Define Job Roles
  • Create a Tech Approach to Automate Mundane Tasks
  • Training for Project Management
  • Solve Any Challenges
  • Realign Executive Expectations
  • Assign Task Teams

Additions of New Employees

  • Description of Job Role
  • Definition of Requirements
  • Salary Research
  • On-Boarding Process
  • Outline Training
  • Assign Task Team

Interactions of Inter Departments

  • Identify the Department Heads
  • Create Summary of Company Directory Role​
  • Map Out for Task Teams​
  • Generate Tech Approach for Internal Tasks Triggered Via Service Transactions or New Sales​


  • Create Project Management System
  • Assess Department Efficiencies
  • Release Personal Assets from Mundane Tasks
  • Generate Internal Co-Dependency Timelines
  • Create Inclusive Goals for Performance & Growth
  • Conduct Weekly Departmental Management Meetings
  • Conduct Monthly Company Meetings
  • Review Executive Reporting
  • Review Accountability Reporting
  • Execute Transition Management

Business Strategies

  • Strategic Planning
  • Discovery
  • Launch Organizational Systems
  • Launch Policies
  • Promote Company Vision and Culture
  • Assist in Fundraising Ventures & Activities
  • Appear at Investors Meeting
  • Support Board of Directors

Remote Employee Optimization

  • Training Systems
  • Task Management
  • Systemization
  • Accountability
  • LMS Development

Relationship Management for Vendors or Partners

  • Conduct Partnership Meetings
  • Program Management for Joint Agreement
  • Presentation & Bullet Points for Agreement Creation
  • Relationship Launch
  • Reporting for Relationship Progress

CRM Implementation

  • Internal Management
  • External Management
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Onboarding
  • Follow Up

LMS System Creation

  • Organize Materials
  • Train for New Products & Solutions
  • Reach People Outside of Local Ares
  • Gamification
  • Track Progress
  • Reduce Travel Expenses

If you have been struggling with the admin size of your business, or worse not enlisting new employees to grow your business, the virtual COO is the solution to your mission stopper. We maximize and streamline business processes, so your business stays on mission.

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