CMO Program

Are you trying to do your own marketing? Let’s face it, even if you worked in the marketing department for Stars and Stripes you probably are not in touch with the civilian marketplace. Of course you know your own business the best, but a marketing manager and well-executed marketing plan from the experts that holds them accountable for quality marketing and the results that are produced is essential. It takes many strategies and platforms combined to create successful marketing. It is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all type of fit for any business and your business needs a virtual CMO.

A virtual CMO will listen and adhere to your mission and vision by creating a comprehensive plan for your marketing. One that uses top services such as SMO, SEO, LinkedIn, PPC, CRM, Email Marketing, Graphics and Content Writing that work together to achieve gainful, documentable results. Get ready to eliminate the chaos of multiple vendors and have a single point of contact who can ensure the integrity and consistency for all of your marketing. We also remove the “voodoo” of marketing allowing you to be able to track every service using a real-time accountability dashboard. This gives you the ability to know exactly what happens in your business’ marketing department. Contact VBBP now to learn about how our CMO program will produce the positive results you have always wanted as well as our money-back guarantee!

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