Free up your most valuable assets, your human capital, by letting VBBP set-up your CRM System. We create systems, campaigns and processes that automate mundane tasks that need to be executed within your business. Increase the percentage of closes by your sales staff with technology assistants who work 24/7 to stay in touch with possible new clients, current clients and affiliates using automated processes. As a certified Infusionsoft partner the VBBP stays up-to-date on all of the features Infusionsoft has to offer. We build what you imagine. Our process is proven with 5 tasks completed multiple times for every sequence and campaign. We assess, plan, build, execute, optimize and measure progress to fully support our systems.

We Focus on Many Things When Setting-Up and Managing CRM Systems Including:

  • Establish a Lifecycle Marketing System – Attract & Sell & Wow
  • Execute Product Positioning Exercise
  • Refine Business Success Stages
  • Automate Campaigns
  • Lead Capture & Automated Follow Up
  • Train Staff
  • Setup Referral Partner System
  • Setup Sales Pipeline
  • Setup Sales Pipeline
  • Setup Campaign
  • Setup Email
  • Setup Landing Page
  • SMS Integration
  • Integrate Calendar
  • Customize Dashboard

If you can’t say that your CRM system is the most powerful tool for your business, then it is time to make some significant changes. Let’s work together and create a CRM system so you can easily manage new prospects as well as systemize your daily operations and organization. Your business will have a client intake processes that successfully segments contacts into certain categories and then creates and automates targeted communication for various categories. VBBP has the custom CRM processes you want that will result in the desired freedom for your staff so they can better direct efforts where they will be the most productive. Your VBBP CRM system does not call in sick or miss any follow-up opportunities. You will enjoy 100% transparency as well as accountability for every area of your business. You can count on the VBBP as a certified Infusionsoft partner that stays up-to-date on all of the newest features.

  • Infusionsoft Set-Up
  • Infusionsoft Planning & Sequence Building
  • Infusionsoft Monthly Maintenance
  • Exports/Imports
  • Template Creation
  • Management & Tag Planning
  • Training
  • Seminar & Trade Show Dynamic Campaign Management
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