The VBBP’s mission is to create your business’ LMS, learning management system, for maximum systemization, quality control, accountability and scalability. Do you want to add eLearning to your business? The VBBP can provide you the ability to attract even more customers, add classes using the materials and resources you currently employ, save time and money and host unlimited numbers of students from across the globe. As your customer base or product offerings change, you can modify or implement additional modules that are easily added to your current LMS.

Enjoy an immediate ROI within the two areas of an LMS application; external implementation and internal implementation. Highlights of those benefits include:

Internal Implementation

  • Real Time Expanded Employee Knowledge on Processes & Products
  • Professional Development
  • Bring in Our Experts to Teach Areas of Expertise without Worrying about Travel or Scheduling for Presentation Times
  • Connect Work-at-Home Employees to Your Core Organization to Keep a Consistent Tonality Across Departments within Your Company
  • Strengthen Knowledge by Identifying Real-Time Employees Who Struggle within Areas of Your Company
  • Train on New Services & Products, Then Quiz to Evaluate Retention of Materials
  • Executive Training One-on-One without Conducting Repeated Training to Ensure Consistent Delivery of Information
  • Keep Track of Documentation, Administration, Delivery and Reporting of eCourses
  • Leadership Boards to Inspire Competition between Individuals or Departments
  • Gamification to Make it Fun to Share Internal Progression
  • HR Reinforcement Tools for Policies as well as the Best Practices and Overall Job Performance

External Implementation

  • Share Materials Systematically to Eliminate Jumping Around Courses
  • Organize All Materials
  • Gamification to Make Processes Fun to Be Used Internal within the LMS Community, or Externally in Social Environments
  • Ask Questions After Lessons to Assist and Evaluate Participants Who Could Be Struggling with Topics
  • One-on-One Connections within a Comfortable Learning Environment
  • Ability to Present Your Systems to Others without Interpretations of Outside Presenters
  • Reduce Travel Expenses
  • Give Participants the Exact Same Materials and Experience
  • Monitor in Mass to Read Reporting Easily
  • Experts Present Key Sections
  • Add Videos in Key Places to Let People Spend More Time with You through the Process
  • Include Participants in a Community to Share Common Passions for Goals and Materials
  • Get Email Notifications When People Need Assistance or Hit Milestones

What Does LMS Normally Include?

  • Creates Up to 60 Lessons per Course
  • Creates Up to 10 Modules for 1 Course
  • Compile Checklists
  • Create Quizzes
  • Program, Implement, Test & Adjust Software to Manage and Run LMS
  • Compile Digital Resources Provided by Clients
  • Gamification
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