Sponsorship Opportunities


We need your help to achieve our mission. We believe we are unique because we have actual deliverables, and programs that are tangible, measurable, and accountable. This unique approach cost money, fact not opinion. Here are the ways we use our donations: 

Business Builder Program

Learning Management System created to give Veterans everything needed to launch a successful business including; coaching, lessons, activities, resources, customer centric business plan, branding package, as well as a website. 

Business Builder Alliance

Our networking group is dedicated to connecting Veterans, Veterans Groups, Veteran Business Owners and businesses who support our military. We have a business and resource directory that is easy to use and a powerful part of the engine driving our mission. We are also developing a mobile app which will help eliminate the feeling of isolation in the civilian world, focus on the individual strengths that we possess, and help use those strengths to connect to each other.

Corporate Bootcamp

Working with corporations that are looking to hire veterans as a part of their business. We have designed a program that will give them more than just a check mark for a quota but a valued employee who will use their skills to push the business forward. Hiring a Veteran should be a win-win situation for both the business and the Veteran.

Events & Workshops

An example of a current event we are coordinating is a cruise where we will bring together Veteran business owners, Veterans looking to become new business owners, resources for veteran businesses, supporters of veterans, and their families. This will be a fun and productive use of everyone’s time, open new doors, create opportunities to learn and grow, and make connections that will last a lifetime.

Website, Technology, Materials, R&D and Infrastructure Advancements

This nonprofit is run by directors who have experience in business, operations, and marketing. To reach maximum velocity there is a constant investment being made into these areas to empower our Veterans with the tools and resources they need to transition from the military to civilian life and reach their fullest personal and professional potential.

Mega Center Building

The long term objective is to create a building dedicated to Veteran business success, in Utah. This building will have a call center, dedicated training center, conference rooms, video production center, cafe, and executive offices. Veterans and supporters of veterans will be able to use this building to have seminars, conduct onsite training and send it worldwide, have access to call center resources, produce videos, and have a place to call theirs as a member of our program.

We thank you in advance for your support no matter how big or small. Your donations are what makes our mission and impact on our communities possible. Choose to donate time, money, or resources, all of these are of great value to our mission.

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