While we are still young and the annual data has not yet been compiled, it is our goal to be able to show, year after year, that 80% or more of the donations given to the VBBP go directly to Veterans via our program. We will voluntarily submit our 990 to organizations such as Charity Navigator ( https://www.charitynavigator.org/ ) for review and evaluation. In the age of vetsplotation and fraud involving Veteran centric 501c(3)s, the VBBP will join the ranks of the most open and efficient Veteran organizations.

Grant money is strictly regulated and awarded. Because we use blockchain technology to document the progress of our program members and the daily business dealings of the organization, our records are readily available for review on our dashboard to ensure 100% compliance with the regulations governing grant awards and expenditures.

Yes, and no. Veterans are the ones awarded the grants, sponsorships, and contributions to participate in the program. However, just like survivors benefits for deceased Veterans through the VA and other government organizations, we honor those same benefits for the dependent survivors of Veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation. The survivor must simply provide the same documentation that is required by other government programs and they will instantly qualify for this program as well.

There is currently no other program available to Veterans that provides the combination of education and hard deliverables to Veteran entrepreneurs. There are many, many programs available through the SBA, the VA, and other public and private sources that provide basic and continuing education for Veteran entrepreneurs. Prices of these vary from free to many thousands of dollars. The VBBP is the ONLY program that combines the education with the following hard deliverables that a new business needs to operate successfully:

    1. SBA funding ready business plan
    2. Investors desk
    3. One year of QuickBooks accounting software
    4. Establish the legal company entity
    5. 58 Legal document templates
    6. Hundreds of local, federal and private resources
    7. Internal operational templates
    8. Website
    9. Branding package and logo
    10. Social media pages
    11. Seven promotional and explainer videos

The program is 12 modules and 60 lessons. It also includes and individual strength assessment and a team grid for the leadership to structure their team based on their innate strengths to form an optimal team structure.

In many ways, yes it does. No longer does a Veteran need to go to the SBA to learn how to write a business plan. Their business plan is written WITH them during the program. Many other educational pieces are provided during the program, but continuing education is essential to all business owners and we fully encourage the Veteran to utilize these free programs from the SBA and other quality sources as part of their professional continuing education.

This really depends on the Veteran’s dedication, and the nature of the business. Barring local or federal licensing or inspection processes, a traditional business can be operational in 90-days. Our current record is 6-weeks! https://paragraph4.media/

Yes! The program runs for one year, regardless of how long it takes the business to become operational. Once the business has launched, the VOB has full access to the resources, forum, and their Success Manager for the remainder of the year. If the business needs specialized or dedicated operational assistance, a wide variety of services are available for s significantly discounted rate thanks to the donations and sponsorship from Veteran supporting businesses.

Absolutely! We can assist with a variety of funding programs via the SBA, self-funding options, grants, and even angel investors.

We have an internal credit repair and enhancement program available to the Veteran to ensure they are aligned for funding when the time is right. Further, this program provides education for them as to how good debt and bad debt affects their credit and how to leverage and maximize the good debt.

Obviously, it takes money to operate and deliver this program. Any donation you make is tax deductible and greatly appreciated. But that is not the only option! If you own a company that can provide services to help the VOB, can provide coaching or other service for the VOB, you can donate time or services to the program. These also carry a tax deductible component and get your company listed in the resources section as well as the Veterans Business Builder Alliance Directory. We believe that individuals and corporations that support our service members deserve recognition for their contribution and referral to the community for ongoing business opportunities.

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