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Why did we create the VBBP?

Backstory: I have been a small business owner for more than two decades. During that time, I have had successes and failures and learned as I went. I made the common mistakes that small business owners make like clockwork and learned the hard way that I didn’t even know about the things out there that I NEEDED to know to succeed. I didn’t know how to maximize my time, funds, and resources. I didn’t know the right questions to ask vendors, insurance companies, lenders. I didn’t know, well you get the picture. I succeeded through hard work, a seriously unconventional approach to the issues I faced, and frankly a lot of luck.

Fast forward a few years and I had a stable small business that my family is running, and I was a supervisor for a large streaming service. I was introduced to a company that helps existing businesses streamline and systemize and helps new businesses launch and avoid those mistakes through a real-world education. I looked at the programs we were putting new business owners through and said, “Man, if I had used this program my first business would now be a chain of stores rather than a lesson!”

As a veteran, I have used many of the programs available from my state and even federally. I took a hard look at the program I now had in my hands, compared it to what was available to vets and was shocked at the disparity and utter lack of hard deliverables. Most programs are lecture, moto talks and videos, and education. Lots of lessons on how to write a business plan. Well, if I was opening a business that created business plans for people this would be a useful skill. But I’m not! I NEED to know how a business plan works and what it involves but writing a perfect business plan is a skill that we would use rarely if ever once the business was opened. This and many other “lessons” that are presented frustrated me to no end. There are free programs out there as well as paid courses, and the paid courses have hardly any different materials than the ones you can take for free online. Ok, to be honest that infuriated me.

So, I went to the owner who also had a burning desire to help veterans and proposed this company. We offer as big of a discount as we can to veteran entrepreneurs, find sponsorships, grant money, even create a program that will allow them to use their GI Bill or Voc-Rehab funds to get a real-world education and open a business that can provide for their families and help their community. But most importantly, they will complete the program and have something tangible, useful and personal for their business. That’s why we create your business plan for you using the information you provide. You work side by side to design your company logo, branding package and company website. You are in the trenches with the team to transform your concept into reality and build your business with a stable foundation. Then, you learn the real-world lessons about how money works and how to make it work best for you, get ready to qualify for funding (if need be) or get interest free funding to launch with. These are the real-world needs of a small business owner; I can watch moto videos on YouTube on my own time.

As I look back at some of the businesses we have created and people we have helped, it fills me with a great deal of pride and satisfaction that I can give back to the veteran community. I truly wake up every day looking forward to serving my brothers and sisters, and seeing people change their lives with this program. I hope that the VBBP can be of service to you and thank you all for your service!

Jamie Bunten
Founder and Managing Director

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