We feel Jim brings to the Veterans Business Builder Program a perspective and skillset that will help us create something for Veterans and their families that has never been done before.  

Military is in his DNA: 

Father: A 30-year lifer in The United States Air Force. Joseph N. Pare’ retired a SMSGT and now rests in Arlington National Cemetery.

Sister: Lt Colonel Kathleen M Pare’ enlisted as an airman out of high school and growing in the enlisted ranks to SMSGT, she took advantage of the Boot Strap program and the G.I. Bill to attend Ohio State University where she received a BS degree in Engineering. She continued in the Air Force to retire in VA as a Lt Colonel.


Jim’s childhood as an Air Force dependent was rich in experience. From moving every 2 years from base to base to having his family evacuated From Wheelus  AFB in Tripoli in 1969 when he was only 10 years old. Jim has experienced the pain of his mom a military wife being assigned to Fort Riley Kansas with seven children while MSGT Pare served in Vietnam and Thailand.

From Alconbury Air Base in England to Hahn in Germany, plus several bases in between, to end up in Hickam AFB in Hawaii, graduating high school at Radford High in Aiea Hawaii Jim’s experience of Military life as a dependent bring with it happy and painful memories of what our veterans and families go through on a daily basis.

Because of color blindness Jim could not fulfill his dream of being a Pilot in the Air Force, so he directed his attention toward Leadership and Business.


Jim’s 30 plus years as a corporate leader and an owner gives him a unique advantage in understanding what it takes to cultivate long-term corporate growth. His roles in interim and full-time C-level positions, combined with his abilities in developing training systems, maintaining relationships with field leaders and balancing corporate directives to create a powerful and sustainable balance.

Jim’s boots on the ground trainer and speaker capabilities cultivated his international field expansion expertise in creating both the corporate and the field systems for an international launch. His leadership style provided him the opportunity to open markets in India, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, all across Europe, and Korea.  This international real-world experience gives him an understanding of cultures, which makes people comfortable working with him.

He is a former CEO of Field Team Earth, a Nonprofit organization, providing grants and donations to Firefighters. As the CEO and  founder of Chain Lynks, an innovative blockchain company that teaches trains and incorporates blockchain and crypto currency into relevant businesses, he kept his finger on the pulse of emerging and cutting-edge technologies. He is able to help direct and lead the technical mission of VBBP.

The VBBP has a goal of becoming one of the most technologically advanced Veteran nonprofits that provides the smoothest and most user friendly experience. From their website, business directory, LMS with 12 modules and 60 lessons, to their flagship Battle Buddy app, they will connect veterans and their families to the latest resources and tools available.

With his unique background as a dependent in the Military and his stellar business career combined with his passion for helping and serving our Veterans and their families, we feel Jim is a perfect fit for the Executive Director of VBBP. As our founder and Managing Director, Jamie Bunten has been in and around military service for nearly three decades. Jim as Executive Director will bring the family perspective and business experience to complement the leadership team. Together, the team they create gives the VBBP a well-rounded, mission driven leadership team to best support the men and women and families who serve our country.

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