Veterans Business Builder Alliance

A sniper can make a difference in battle, but it takes many units working together to win a war. We have created this alliance group to connect us and create a powerful unit to achieve the goal of creating a new era of Veteran Entrepreneurs. 

We connect our Veterans together through the following approaches: 

  • Online portals like social media, blogs, webinars.
  • Live in person nationwide networking events
  • Veteran business builder cruises
  • Our VBBA business directory
  • Resource center
  • Mastermind groups
  • Veteran mobile connection app
  • Discount offerings of business to Veterans

Many times, we find what holds people back from their dreams is their current circle of influence. Are the people you currently spend time with movers and shakers? Are they talking about their dreams or actually living them? Maybe it is hard for you to meet new people, or maybe what you have been needing is an opportunity to join a group of thought leaders who will inspire and teach you to achieve your dreams. The members of this community have the same goals and desires that you have, by connecting with them you can create the support network needed to help you do what most only dream of, which is to own your own successful business.

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